Halloween in Days Gone By

I just read a blog from someone I know from an email list about how Halloween has changed since the days of our youth. It reminded me of growing up and not having to be concerned about my mother checking my candy before I could eat any of it. There were no concerns about getting fruit or other goodies –some people even gave you home-made cookies or cupcakes and you didn’t think twice about it. What happened to those days?

I remember when I was a young girl and going out for Trick or Treat in my neighborhood. Some people didn’t give candy but rather invited you inside for a soft drink or hot chocolate and cookies. You didn’t have to worry about whether they had put poison or drugs in your drink or snack–people just didn’t do that when I was growing up. The worst thing I ever got was someone put coal into a Halloween goodie bag. Yes, it was rude but it was detrimental to my health.

Children over the age of about 10 could go out by themselves without the parents having to worry about something happening to them. Halloween was a kids’ night and no one tried to interfere with it. Mischief Night involved the children doing their “Trick or Treat for UNICEF.” those days of innocence have given way to the sickos who want to use the holiday as a way to cause problems for children and their parents. many people have given up participation in the holiday, and I hate to admit it but I am one of them. Living in an apartment you don’t see many children coming around, so it’s a waste of time and money. We usually leave to go somewhere else — it has been my daughter’s sister-in-law’s and though my oldest grandchild still went there with her mother, I chose to spend the time at my middle daughter’s babysitting my month old granddaughter so she could go out with her son and husband.

Yes, it is indeed sad that people have taken what used to be a fun time for the children and turned it into a night of horror. Children in costumes no longer adorn the streets of the neighborhoods like they did when I was growing up–or even when my own children were growing up. times have changed and not for the better I am sad to say.


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